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Birch Sunrise

‘Birch Sunrise’ is my abstract homage to the enduring beauty of nature, inspired by the my own personal journey. Marking my move to a forever home, I planted four Birch trees, symbolising my family. This painting captures the majestic essence of these trees and is most importantly, evocative of a blazing sunrise over a Birch Tree forest, the sunrise’s beautiful colours are mirrored in the snowy trunks’ radiant glow – against the vivid canvas of dawn and dusk.

I experimented with varying moss sizes and hues, the ghostly moss contrasts starkly with the dark trunks. Intense oranges and reds ignite the scene, infusing bold warmth and vibrant energy. This piece not only represents a personal landmark for me and my family, but also brings a dynamic and uplifting energy to any space, celebrating the interplay of nature’s colours and the endless passage of time.


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Mixed media on panel.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 5.5 × 150 cm