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Verdigris Dreams

My palette for ‘Verdigris Dreams’ was inspired by a recent walk on a jetty, where I said hello to a resident majestic copper artwork. Its surface, weathered by time and the elements, is adorned with the rich, mottled hues of verdigris. The interplay of these colours – the deep, aged greens and the vibrant, acid turquoises combined with the warm browns – sparked an idea within me. I wanted to capture that organic transformation, the natural evolution of materials exposed and driven by the wind and water.

While I worked, I thought about the nature of creation itself. The process of painting mirrored the organic growth I aimed to depict. Each creative decision, was part of the evolution, contributing to the whole. There is a sense of surrender in this, an acceptance of the unpredictable nature of creativity. It was not about imposing order, but about discovering the beauty in chaos.


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Mixed media on panel.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 5.5 × 150 cm