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Simone Woods

Brighton, United Kingdom based artist

Art should invoke an intense and immediate response.

Original art brings such energy to a space.

Recent Works

Birch Sunrise

Evocative of a blazing sunrise over a Birch Tree forest. Acrylic.

Gentle Sunlight

An abstract representation of rejuvenation and tranquility. Acrylic.

Dancing Seaweed

Named by a dear friend, Cat, an intricate, detailed piece which captures the flow of the sea.

Recent Posts

As an artist I’ve recently discovered the invaluable practice of keeping a visual/written artistic journal. I hope to find this artistic journal indispensable.
Emotion in art serves as a bridge between the creator and the viewer. Emotion is the very essence that breathes life into a piece.
Through my experience, I’ve come to realise that inspiration for your art is not something that needs to be sought in the extraordinary. Rather, it’s the everyday life, with its myriad of seemingly mundane details, that holds the key to unlocking profound artistic inspiration. In this article, I aim to share how embracing the world around us can become a boundless source of creative fuel, helping us find our unique voice and vision.

kind words

“I just love the colours of Birch Sunrise, they make me feel alive. ”
Helen Smurthwaite
“I find it impressive! What you achieve through art feels to me like you're working with some interesting formulas in a special lab… I love abstract art! I find your pieces to be so transcendental. Love!”
D C Thomas
“Your Peacock piece is stunning”
Caryl Haxworth

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