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Photo of a Spring Forest in Burgess Hill with bluebells.



How to represent seasonal changes in your art?  For me, the arrival of spring is a time of profound joy and creative rejuvenation. Personally, not just for the artist in me, the vibrant colour palette of this season represents rebirth and renewal, and I hope, infusing my work with a sense of freshness and vitality. I ‘drink in’ spring, the bright, bright greens and intense yellow-greens, as well as the flushed pinks and reds of new buds. These colours are symbols of nature’s awakening and the promise of new beginnings and become the mainstay pigments on my palette at this time of year.

Photo of a Spring Forest in Burgess Hill with bluebells.
A carpet of Bluebells in my local woodland looks just like a painting.

Colour Palette

Intense light yellow/green is the most emblematic of spring for me. It embodies the essence of rebirth, as it is the first colour to emerge after the dormancy of winter. This particular shade of green, vibrant and full of the promise of life, mirrors the newly sprouted leaves and the tender shoots that push through the soil. The yellow undertone in this green speaks to the sunlight that nourishes these new plants, highlighting the interconnectedness of all life. When I use bright greens in my work, I feel as though I am capturing the very essence of growth and renewal. I strive for the energy of this colour to breathe life into my paintings, imbuing them with a sense of optimism and forward energy.

The flushed pinks and reds of new buds add a delicate yet powerful dimension. These colours signify the blooming of flowers and the burst of colour that accompanies the season. For me, pink and red are not just vibrant hues but representations of hope and beauty. They remind me of the resilience of nature, how it can endure the harshness of winter only to emerge with such breathtaking splendour. Using these colours in my art, I aim to capture the joy and wonder that I feel witnessing the first blossoms of the year.

A Reminder of Natures Cyclical Journey

Just as nature sheds the old to make way for the new, I find myself working on letting go of past artistic limitations that have been holding me back and working to embrace fresh ideas and techniques. I strive for the vibrant spring palette to act as a catalyst for my creativity, pushing me to explore new forms and compositions.  This season is indeed a powerful metaphor for my artistic experience of growth and renewal.

Spring’s colours also serve as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and creativity which measures me. I find this sense of continuity that each spring brings; a familiar yet ever-changing landscape. I mirrors my artistic journey – marked by cycles of inspiration, creation, and renewal. I find the bright greens and yellows, along with the pinks and reds, are constant companions in this journey yet hopefully, guiding me towards new artistic horizons.

My Favourite Spring Paintings

Claude Monets beautiful Springtime painting of a 19th century lady in a pink dress with Bonet reading under a tree.
Claude Monet ‘Springtime’ 1872
Van Gough Blossom against a china blue sky.
Van Gogh – ‘Almond Blossom’ 1890

An Infusion of Hope

The colour palette of spring represents much more than just a change in season for me as an artist. It embodies the spirit of rebirth and renewal, infusing me and I hope my work with a sense of vibrancy and optimism. The bright greens and yellow-greens reflect the energy of new growth, while the flushed pinks and reds capture the beauty and hope of blooming flowers. Together, these colours inspire me to embrace the endless possibilities of creativity and to continually work to evolve as an artist.

About Simone

Picture of Simone Woods Abstract Artist in the style of Andy Warhol

Experience the magic of colour and nature with my stunning abstract art. Every piece is crafted to bring you joy and elevate your space, making it a focal point that sparks admiration and conversation. Let your home reflect your love for art and beauty."

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